Other Jewellery

This is just a small selection of our designs. There are many more to see in store.
We specialise in quality One Off & Limited Edition pieces.

Our other jewellery comprises of everything that is not a ring. These items include bespoke and uniques items such as bangles and bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings. We design everything in-house to ensure quality jewellery is produced. Our regular clients love this continuation of high standards and we hope you will too. If you are looking for inspiration for a gift for a loved one or a purchase for a special ocassion then please feel free to browse our ready made pieces and contact us with any questions. For bespoke pieces please email us, designing unique jewellery is our passion.

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A Touch of Class
Native Rivers
Aqua Lagoon
Flat Link
Patterned in Rose
Anchor Link
Celtic Weave
Twist of Gold
Circular Bracelet
A Twist of Rose
Rose Gold Belcher
Spring Link
Double Oval Link
Baby Bangle
Baby's Treasure
Drops of Dew
Sparkle of Diamond
Diamond Hearts
Diamond Drops
Dainty Diamond
Black Beauty
Diamond Glimmer
Emerald Snowflakes
Orbiting Sapphire
Tanzanite Delight
Autumn Leaves
Aqua Cascade
Ruby Huggies
Emerald Huggies
Sapphire Drops
Sapphire Drops
Ember Dance
Aquamarines on Ice
Tanzanite Earrings
Half & Half
Golden Twist
Tri-Gold Necklet
Wheatsheaf Chain
A Spring of Rose
Edwardian Elegance
Diamond Barrel
Twist and Flow
Autumn Flush
Sparkle of Blue
Fire & Ice
Glide Of Emerald
Well of Green
Loch of Blue
Crowning Glory
Blue Black
Emerald Elegance
Ametrine Dream
Jewel Of The Sea
Emerald Architect
Tropical Pleasure
Bambino Koru
Diamond Rivers
Not sure where to start? Browse our shop and do Contact us if you have any questions; we welcome the opportunity to assist and advise you with respect to all your purchases, large or small.
Diamond Trilogy
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Classical Magic
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Stepping Stones
Diamond Flare
Classic In Black
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Bridge of Diamond
Solar Eclipse
Diamond Triple
Line of Brilliance
Diamond Curves
Oval Delight
Chocolate Cornetto