Wedding and Dress Rings

This is just a small selection of our designs. There are many more to see in store.
We specialise in quality One Off & Limited Edition pieces.

The start of a couple's’ life together should be perfect. The months of preparation, the endless choices that have been made, from the dress to the flower colour, all to be sure that the day will become a day to remember. As the time of being an engaged couple is about to end, the placing of the rings on each other's hands becomes the most significant act in the ceremony. There is no better start together than with truly unique, beautiful rings to cherish forever. Your marriage is unique and will last forever, signify your joining together with the perfect rings.

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Diamond Edge
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Cossack Wedder
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Koru Engraved
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Wave Wedder
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Twin Delight
Yellow Gold
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Ride the Wave
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Engraved Wedder
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Matte Step
White Gold Wave
Diamond Deco
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