Jewellery for Insurance Replacement

Jewellery Insurance

Jewellery is probably one of the most emotionally connected items we own as they mark the time that connections to loved ones such as marriages, engagements, births and other special events are often forged. The importance and uniqueness of these events matter to us, and this is why we should treat them as we would any other precious item and insure the piece that symbolises them. Without this insurance, it may not be affordable to rebuild the item lost.

Replacing Lost Jewellery

When these items are lost or stolen the emotions felt are of loss, much more than that of a mobile phone or camera which can simply be replaced, the loss felt is personal. When this level of loss is felt it is important that an understanding and sympathetic approach is available, and that is where JD's come into our own. Our years of experience will certainly make the process of replacement much easier, you’re not just a client, you are a person who has suffered the loss of something close to your heart. We’ll work with you to minimise any emotional distress and get you back to the place you were before the loss. Your original piece may be gone but we can recreate it for you. It’s the image of the jewellery that sparks those memories and they are not forgotten, they are simply waiting to be stirred again.

Precious Jewellery Recreated

We work with you and the insurance company to redesign and rebuild your piece to ensure that the happier thoughts of the time when you acquired your jewellery remain yours. We work from photographs if you have any, from memory and samples if you do not. We redesign your piece so it resembles the original as exactly as possible. Every stage of the design process is signed off by you to make sure everything is perfect. Once the design has been completed our master jewellers make it to your specifications, only when you are happy with everything will we hand it back to you, the memories may be slightly dented but they are certainly not gone.
We deal with engagement ring insurance, wedding ring insurance and other high-value jewellery insurance professionals as part of our service. If you want any advice on insurance for your jewellery or information on the design and build process please contact us.