Finance Your Jewellery Purchase

You don’t have to wait to get your new piece of jewellery.  

Take advantage of our flexible payment terms, take your time to pay and it will cost you no more!

View more details about finance options, including a credit form below.
Our existing payment terms allow you to complete your purchase through upfront payment, credit financing, or Duty and GST Free purchasing. These payment terms are interest-free and convenient for you. 

Whether you’re purchasing your jewellery for your wedding, birthday, anniversary, or just to add to your collection, our flexible payment options will lift the pressure of having to make haste payment. You can design and take home your jewellery with ease through our flexible payment options. 

Simply let us know which payment arrangement you prefer, and we’ll take care of all the paperwork required. See our payment options to know more about the terms of each financing method. You can also download and fill in the finance form for personal credit for an easier transaction.

Your JD Jewellery representative can also guide you through the process if you require more information on your preferred method. Just get in touch with us!