JD Inspiring Journey

jd's the history (people)  behind the brand

We started in the jewellery industry when we were 19 years old, 41 years later we have created what we believe is a unique jewellery experience - the jd experience.

Our trade was full of constraints and restrictions, with design choices being limited and unimaginative. Quality of goods and repairs from some manufacturer's were starting to decline. We wanted change….

At that time we had one of the largest retail stores in Northland, situated in the central shopping district in Whangarei. We uprooted the store to a 'destination location'  - where we are now. Employing our own jewellers and setters and beginning the new jd journey. 23 years later we have gone from strength to strength. We now personally control and ensure the quality of our product and repairs. We design and manufacture anything we want and sell our jewellery direct to you.

We are members of the Nationwide Group, a group of independent jewellers, who have banded together to create one of the largest buying groups in Australasia. Giving us the advantage of buying power and the ability to personally select and buy precious stones
from all over the world and often direct from the cutters. It also gives us access to other manufacturers, who also create quality jewellery, to add to our own.  

You know when you come into jds, you will be spoilt for choice in both style and price, and we won't compromise its quality and strength.

This means great designs at great prices.

Roger & Gail Bowering